Tours from Casablanca


Discover the wonders of Morocco through our legendary “private desert trip from Casablanca”. Explore historic cities ride camel and witness stunning desert sunset and sunrise over the most beautiful sand dunes of Erg chebbi.

11 days-Private Guided Tour

11 Days-Private Guided Tour, is an extremely well designed Morocco Guided Desert Tour from Casablanca. If you are looking for an itinerary that includes your most focused interests; we have created what could relieve you from your questions and worries. Our perfectly well detailed 11 days-private guided Tour, is one of our most cheap; suitable

2 Days Trip-Casablanca to Fez

Enjoy our full package 2 days trip-Casablanca to Fez via Rabat; Meknes and Volubilis. The following itinerary will takes you back in time; as you will explore the remnants of a time of turmoil and skirmishes in the history of Morocco. You will first; visit the current capital town of Morocco “Rabat“; and then “Meknes”