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Discover the best Morocco Tours and take a look to the best Guided Morocco Tours and enjoy an incredible vacation in 2023 with affordable prices.

Access through our website to the tab Morocco Tours and discover all the tours from Marrakech, Fes or Tangier that we offer.

As we also know that there are travelers who want to travel alone, we offer you the possibility of creating a private tour for those who request it. We work with other agencies that offer this type of travel.

Whatever you need, whatever you need, contact us and we will make it happen.

If you are looking for a different vacation, visiting exotic places and spending a magical night in the Moroccan desert look at our best guided Morocco tours and enjoy a wonderful trip with friends or family.

We not only offer guided tours to Morocco but we also have a car rental service with a driver in case you prefer to visit Morocco at your own pace without having to adjust to the tours we offer.

All tourists have a wrong idea about Moroccan culture, the reason why is because you do not know our country by your first hand. The friendliness of its people and unique landscapes will surprise you and open your mind after your Morocco Tour.

Many people think that Morocco is a dangerous place and that they have a very macho culture towards women. But in reality it is not like that, and you can only see it if you visit us and see it with your own eyes.

Prepare an amazing trip with Finest Morocco Tours and pay by credit card or PayPal.


If you want to go on vacation this Christmas do not hesitate to know a different country. Morocco offers you to discover some unique places so that you receive the new year in the best way.

Tour the most exotic cities and enjoy a wonderful sunset from the desert.

Choose one of our Morocco tours, an experience you will never forget.

If you choose one of our Morocco Tour you will enjoy an exotic country and you will enjoy a unique trip. Our agency carry out personalized trips throughout Morocco taking into account the tastes of our travelers.

It is already safe to travel to any destination including Morocco thanks to the covid pandemic is disappearing, so it is the ideal time to hire a guided Morocco tour to enjoy it with family or friends by the best way.

In addition, we also organize trips for groups, whether for university teenagers or for small or big companies. Simply ask about our offers and we will make it possible with an incredible price..

Every year many travelers hire Morocco Tours and everyone is surprised by the beauty of the country, the culture and the friendliness of the Moroccans.

With us you can have the best guided Morocco Tours with all the guarantees. You simply have to contact us and hire one of our guided trips with a private car.

Once you contact us, you simply have to inform us of what you need, the language of our guide, the dates of the trip and which places in Morocco you want to visit and we will make it possible.

Our company takes care of all the details to offer an unforgettable vacation in Morocco and with the security that characterizes us.

We know that there are many agencies in our country that offer this type of service, but remember that they must be approved and meet all the requirements of the Moroccan government, so that everything goes perfectly.

To book one of our best tours in Morocco with our agency, you only have to contact us, indicating the dates and the number of people and we will organize a guided tour to Morocco taking into account your preferences.

You can enjoy all our guided Morocco tours from Marrakech, Fez, Tangier or Casablanca with all the guarantees with only phone us by whatsapp.

We want you to enjoy a unique trip with guides who speak English perfectly, so they can not only transfer you from one place to another, but also explain our culture to you, and show you the best places.

We know that the pandemic is causing people who like to travel to delay their trips, but we are fully convinced of being able to offer all the security that our clients look for in MoroccoTours.

We offer Guided Morocco Desert Tours for all types of travelers, whether for work or leisure with friends or family.

We want you to know our tours to the Desert of Morocco and to know the imperial cities of our country by the best way, that is the reason why every day we strive so that everything goes perfectly.

With our Moroccco travel agency you will be able to visit our country safely in the face of Covid, since we have implemented all the relevant security measures, so that you can make a tour around Morocco with peace of mind.

Of course we offer our Morocco Desert Tours with all the guarantees and security that they require so that travelers are calm due to COVID 19.

Whether traveling in a group, with friends or family we will prepare the best itinerary for you to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in Morocco with Finest Morocco tours.


Finest Morocco Tours offer the best way to book Affordable Morocco desert tours for travellers all around the world. If you are looking for your vacation travelling around our country, we are the best option.

We offer Top Morocco Desert tours with which you can enjoy with your friends or family a unique trip with many surprises.

We want you to enjoy a marvellous trip to Morocco with all the guarantees

With our company you can hire all kinds of afforfable tours with the best English-speaking tourism professionals at your disposal, that will take you not only to the most beautiful places but will also explain the entire culture of our country.

Enjoy the best or top Morocco Desert Tours with our agency and have a nice trip.

Our company is specialized in Best or Top Morocco Desert Tours, with us you can travel with our Morocco adventure tours or if you prefer a cultural trip to know the most spectacular imperial cities of our country. You will get to know the different cultures and enjoy a perfect stay..

On the web all around internet always select us as the best or top morocco desert tours, thanks to our professionalism and the best price

If you are looking for a proffessional Morocco desert tour agency you are in the right place Because all our professionals, whether guides or drivers, work with enthusiasm to show the tourist a country that will surprise.

By 2020 we have prepared our affordable Guided Morocco Tours for English speaking tourist with the best price. So with us you can book affordable morocco tours for all kind of travellers.

We also offer luxury Morocco Tours which have been carefully organized so that everything is perfect and no detail is missing.

With this type of trips you will have the best cars and accommodations will make you feel at home. We also have to thank the great effort dedicated by our team of guides and drivers to offer the traveler anything they need.

If you prefer, you can create a custom quality tour, for this you just have to contact our travel agency and we will advise you at all times to configure a unique trip.

If you are looking to discover the best Guided Morocco Tours With which you can travel throughout the country visiting the places you indicate and with a guide and driver at your disposal.

In all our Morocco tours we offer alternative routes to other agencies, these are fully customizable, just tell us what you need and we will make it possible.


All the Guided Morocco Tours we offer in our website, cover the whole country and also you can start them from any city with airport like Marrakech, Casablanca, Ouarzazate, Fes, Tangier, Ouarzazate or Rabat.

Our agency makes it easy organizing your trip to Morocco, you can adapt to one of our organized Morocco Tours or if you prefer you can tell us the places you want to visit and we will prepare a fully personalized tour with affordable prices.

We are prepared to organize a personalized trip and travel with friends, work colleagues or even with children.

In our web you can find some examples of our Guided Morocco Tours we are sure you will enjoy as much your holidays with them.

We can give you many reasons why to hire our Morocco Tours, such as the professionalism of our guides, but above all that we offer a trip to Morocco different from the rest of the agencies that are advertised on 2022.

To contact us is very easy you can call or write us via whatsapp or fill out our forms and we will make it possible.

The best Guided Morocco Toursare waiting for you, just get in touch with us.

Why hire one of our Guided Morocco Tours?

Our Guided Morocco Tours for 2019 are unique. Because Finest Morocco Tours offer the best luxury desert camp and other services such as car rental with driver to visit Morocco and travel by your own pace, itineraries for newlyweds or tours for end-of-course or end-of-career trips. We can organize a tour around Morocco adjusting to your budget.

Our private Morocco tours are unique thanks to the great work done by our local team that makes up Finest Morocco Tour since we are leaders in the tourist sector in Morocco.

Make sure the agencies you book for your affordable Guided Morocco Tourshave the proper authorization to be able to move tourists around the country.

Do you want to know more about our private Morocco Tours?. Take a look to our web and discover our Morocco Desert Tours.

We are sure that you will fully enjoy your holidays with us, choose one of our Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech, Fez, Tangier, Casablanca or Ouarzazate and let yourself go.

Almost all of our Guided Morocco Tours offer a night in a desert camp, a nice experience that should not be overlooked if you travel to our country, and if not is in our itinerary, you will be able to book it.

Fill our contact form: Morocco Desert Tours or send us a message by whatsapp. We will contact you as soon as possible, to prepare a private itinerary and affordable budget without obligation.

We are sure that our Morocco Tours will be to your liking and with them you will enjoy your holiday in our country.


There are many people or travelers who think that Morocco desert tours They are not quality trips, but the reality is different. That costs you cheaper than a luxury Morocco tour It is logical because these trips are with accommodations in five-star hotels or higher category that some travelers like.
Our accommodations for the Morocco economic tours are not bad, we look for them to be cheap but clean and pleasant for the traveler, that is why our itineraries are adjusted to the budget that you indicate.

You just have to tell us how much you intend to spend per person and we will prepare an itinerary without commitment to enjoy a cheap holiday but with all the guarantees. With Finest Morocco Tour fun is guaranteed.

For your Guided Morocco Tours we will provide you a comfortable vehicle and also our drivers and guides will convey the essence of our country, which although unknown to many travelers, we are sure it will reach your heart.

Our Guided Morocco tours or luxury Morocco tour allow you to visit:

  1. The Roman Ruins of Volubilis, the best preserved and oldest in the entire African continent.
  2. The Sahara desert where you can enjoy a night with any of our cheap Morocco Desert Tours or luxury Morocco tours.
  3. The imperial cities with our exclusive Morocco desert tour, among which Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Fes and Meknes stand out
  4. The famous Ouzoud waterfalls.
  5. And we can not leave aside Ait Ben Haddou, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.
  6. All our cheap Morocco desert tours and our luxury Morocco tours have been organized by a professional team who have taken into account all the details to offer you a trip around Morocco.

    Of course we also give different offers to make a luxury Morocco Desert Tours , that is the reason why we ask you to be aware of the web to be able to hire it. Just subscribe and any new itinerary that we plan or any offer that we launch, you will receive it in the moment in your email.

    Do not wait any longer and come to visit a unique country, that will always remain in your heart, with our Morocco tours.


    As we have said before, all our Private Morocco Tours or Luxury Morocco Tours tend to spend one night in one of our camps in the heart of the Sahara in the locality of Merzouga.

    Merzouga is one of the most extensive deserts in Morocco characterized by fine sand and the highest and most impressive dunes in the country.

    If you hire a Private Morocco Tours with us, not only will you sleep in a a tent camp, we will also offer you a camel ride and if you want some other adventure activity, such as touring the dunes in quad or boggy or visit the oasis with our 4x4 vehicles, where you will not only discover a unique place but also you will live with the nomads.

    With our Private Morocco Tours and with our luxury Morocco tours you will enjoy a unique vacation and we are sure that you will be in love with a country that will surprise you for its beauty and its cultural diversity.


    Although many times we have been told that Morocco is a dangerous country, simply because it is an Arab country, in reality it is not like that and you will only notice when you enjoy a Private Morocco Tours , because all travelers, until see it we do not believe it.

    No matter what kind of tour you hire, whether you prefer a Private Morocco Tours or a luxury Morocco tours, all travelers get surprised by how comfortable they are, between us and see with their own eyes that it is one of the safest countries.

    Keep in mind that it is a country that lives on tourism and that makes the government and the inhabitants friendly with any tourist, whether traveling on their own, with friends or in groups organized with one of our Private Morocco Tours , any way to visit our country is valid and we are sure you will enjoy them as you never would have imagined.

    Our main clients are English speaking and very diverse, we can highlight:

    • Tourists from the USA, who usually hire one of our Guided Morocco Tours.
    • United Kingdom tourists who are more likely to hire Private Morocco Tours .
    • Tourists from Canada who usually hire tours of more than 10 days.
    • And tourists from different European countries, including France, Spain, Germany and Italy.
    • The tourists that usually visit Morocco are very diverse and our agency will be happy to show you all the potential that the country has, do not hesitate to hire a Morocco desert tour with Finest Morocco Tour Agency and enjoy the adventure in its purest state .

      Enjoy our PRIVATE MOROCCO TOURS through our country and welcome to paradise.


Welcome to Finest Morocco Tours.
We are a small local tour company; fully acknowledged by the Moroccan government; consisting from a team of professional Berbers originated from South-eastern Sahara. Our specialization in tourism sector, focuses in providing: Guided Morocco tours; cheap Morocco tours; affordable desert tours; Car rental with driver; private Morocco Guided Tours from any city in Morocco.
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Our best private Morocco tours, are extremely well organized and highly studied with great patience by our team; allowing you to plan your vacations, and facilitating your introduction to Morocco. Starting from Marrakech; Casablanca; Fez; Agadir; Tangier or elsewhere in Morocco.

All our drivers and guides are natives Berbers and Arabs; well experienced with a high knowledge of the whole Morocco; responsive and friendly. All of them are perfectly English; French and Spanish speaking drivers.




With our Morocco car rental with driver services; your trip will go without a hitch; travel confidently in style and comfort, with total reassurance.
You will get super high comfortable, cleaned car with private driver who speaks perfectly your language.



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