Discover the wonders of Morocco through our legendary “private desert trip from Casablanca”. Explore historic cities ride camel and witness stunning desert sunset and sunrise over the most beautiful sand dunes of Erg chebbi.

11 days-Private Guided Tour

11 Days-Private Guided Tour, is an extremely well designed Morocco Guided Desert Tour from Casablanca. If you are looking for an itinerary that includes your most focused interests; we have created what could relieve you from your questions and worries. Our perfectly well detailed 11 days-private guided Tour, is one of our most cheap; suitable

10 days-Marrakech Desert Tour

10 Days-Marrakech Desert tour is a perfectly detailed itinerary; suitable for all those wishing to discover the different lifestyle of Morocco. We also provide a huge choice of different Morocco desert tours and day trips from Marrakech to the whole parts of the kingdom. Besides our extended programs; we offer popular 3, 4 or 5

3 days-Marrakech Desert Tour

The city of Marrakech is bursting with sights; and it makes a great Tours and day Trips destinations. Enjoy our 3 Days-Marrakech Desert Tour to Merzouga; explore breathtaking landscapes, fascinate Oases, deep river valleys; Fortified old Kasbahs and amazing Gorges.

4 days-Luxury Desert tour

355 € / Person (Based on 4 people and more). 4 Days-luxury Desert tour from Fez to Marrakech, is a well designed itinerary; connecting the two imperial cities via Erg chebbi sand dunes. Our Fez to Marrakech desert tour, allows you to experience a memorable camel trek and overnight at a luxury camp in the

2 days-Marrakech To Zagora Desert

Morocco is a country caracterized by its countless diversities from its beaches, Mountains, Kasbahs, oases to its vast desert areas. It guarantees every vistor the enjoyment of its natural bounties, as it welcomes everyone to unveil its hidden gems. It’s time to join our vibrant 2 days-Marrakech to Zagora Sahara desert. Your fast experience await!

3 days-Marrakech to Fez via Merzouga

Looking for an unforgettable experience in Sahara desert from Marrakech? Immerse yourself in the richness of southern Morocco on a 3-day trip from Marrakech to Fez via Merzouga. Explore ancient kasbahs, awe-inspiring oases, and the captivating Erg Chebbi sand dunes.

2 days Trip-Fez to Chefchaouen

You’re seeking for options to make your stay in Fez enjoyable, at FINEST MOROCCO TOURS you’ll find your unswer. Embark on our legendary tour: 2 Days Trip-Fez to Chefchaouen. Uncover the magic of the blue city, discover the archaeological site of “VOLUBILIS” and the imperial city of Meknes. Don’t miss out one of the best

3 days / 2 nights – Fes to Marrakech via Erg chebbi

Seeking to experience a Morocco desert trip from Fez, look no further. Embark on a 3 days Fez to Marrakech desert tour, a Unique Adventure through Erg Chebbi sand dunes. No time to waste, join our trip from Fez to Marrakech, discover the wonders of southern Morocco and make your lasting dreams. Explore the stunning


Explore the wonders of Morocco on a Desert tour from Tangier. From ancient medinas to vast deserts, experience the diverse and enchanting beauty of this country. At Finest Morocco Tours, we provide multi options to make your journey through Morocco just amazing. We have at your disposal a wide suitable pre-designed Morocco desert tour packages

14 days-Tangier Desert Tour

14 days-Tangier desert tour is a perfectly well designed itinerary, for whom thinking about to explore Morocco from tangier. you will be picked up from Tangier airport or from the ferry; and begin your Morocco desert tour; starting by enjoyable drive through the Rif Mountains to Chefchaouen.

2 Days Trip-Casablanca to Fez

Enjoy our full package 2 days trip-Casablanca to Fez via Rabat; Meknes and Volubilis. The following itinerary will takes you back in time; as you will explore the remnants of a time of turmoil and skirmishes in the history of Morocco. You will first; visit the current capital town of Morocco “Rabat“; and then “Meknes”

Erg chegaga desert Tour

Time to visit Morocco finally has come, and probably you are seeking for the best option that allows you to discover one of the best desert sand dunes in Morocco. Our pre-selected Morocco desert tour package from Marrakech “Erg chegaga desert tour” will guide you to experience what you came for.