Day trips from Fès

Fez to Merzouga-desert Tour

Experience the wonders and enchanting beauty of Morocco on a “FEZ TO MERZOUGA-MOROCCO DESERT TOUR“. Explore majestic mountains, fascinating oases, and mesmerizing sand dunes of ERG CHEBBI at Merzouga area. During the following Morocco Desert Tour from Fez to Merzouga, you’ll discover the most beautiful sand dunes in Africa continent. Get ready for an awe-inspiring

Day trip from fez to Chefchaouen-Volubilis and Meknes

Embark on a captivating day trip from Fez to Chefchaouen-Volubilis and Meknes. Experience the magic of the blue city, explore ancient ruins, and delve into the vibrant culture of Morocco. After enjoying your stay at “Fez”, one of the fourth imperial cities of Morocco, you might be interesting to explore chefchaouen and other surrounding areas.